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4 Interior Design Ceiling Colors for Commercial Spaces

When it comes to acoustic ceilings and interior design, choosing the right color is essential. 

Prioritizing People & Privacy with Open Plan Office Acoustics

As office and commercial spaces slowly reopen and work from home flexibility fades, it’s important to get back into the mindset of prioritizing your people and their privacy.

Acoustic Ceilings in Healthcare

It’s no secret that healthcare is changing everyday—from technological advances to medicinal improvements, the healthcare world is quickly evolving, and we need to keep up. How can the building materials industry get ahead of the curve of modern medicine? The answer might be surprising but it’s simple: acoustic ceilings.

Image is an example of Freedom Acoustic's Rockfon ceiling tiles

Types of Suspended Acoustic Ceilings

Suspended acoustic ceilings are secondary ceilings hung below the structural ceiling for room acoustics and aesthetics. In this blog, we cover the ins and outs of suspended acoustic ceilings and the benefits they provide from installation to end user.

The Science of Color

When renovating your commercial space, it’s important to stress wellbeing in your design. It’s not just a myth—emotional wellbeing for employees has been proven to boost productivity and overall contentment when it comes to the workplace.

Office Wellness Design: Don't Forget the Ceiling Tiles

Have you ever wondered how an office's interior environment affects employees' productivity levels? Adequate acoustics, air quality, ventilation, and lighting can call make employees feel safe and boost performance levels. When redesigning your office, don't forget a critical component: the ceiling tiles.

Kodiak Building Partners and Freedom Materials Form Freedom Acoustics

Kodiak Building Partners and Freedom Materials opened a Freedom Acoustics greenfield location.

Kodiak and Freedom Materials open new ceilings format

Kodiak Building Partners and Freedom Materials have opened a new format, Freedom Acoustics.

Another greenfield launch for Kodiak

On the heels of last week’s announcement that it launched a drywall and insulation distributor, Kodiak Building Partners has now introduced Freedom Acoustics.