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Office Wellness Design: Don’t Forget the Ceiling Tiles

Have you ever wondered how an office's interior environment affects employees’ productivity levels? Adequate acoustics, air quality, ventilation, and lighting can all make employees feel safe and boost performance levels. When redesigning your office, don't forget a critical component: the ceiling tiles.

Office Redesign Elements

Do not forget to consider comfort, health, and safety when designing a new workspace. You can do this by incorporating the following aspects into your office space:

  • Open meeting spaces for collaboration;
  • Quiet spaces for individual work;
  • Flexible workspaces that support easy movement and shared work areas;
  • Storage lockers to help keep the area de-cluttered and clear of distractions; and
  • Sustainable elements to uplift the atmosphere and reduce the office’s carbon footprint.

These elements all create a sense of security and safer personal workspaces for employees—make sure to be mindful of your employees when redesigning your office space.

Creating Workplace Wellness

What else is important to take into consideration when redesigning an office space? According to a Harvard study of over 1,600 employees, the following are all key factors to success:

  1. Natural light. Natural light helps regulate the body's sleep/wake schedule, increasing productivity and alertness.
  2. Air quality and ventilation. Proper ventilation decreases the threat of airborne respiratory issues, such as influenza.
  3. Natural elements. Incorporate natural antimicrobial and antibacterial elements such as silver, copper, woods, and stone.
  4. Comfortable acoustics. Managing noise in open and shared spaces boosts productivity and decreases absenteeism.
  5. Welcoming environment. Using earthy colors and tones create a home-like setting and increase comfort levels.

Creating a comfortable office space is vital for any business.... after all, a happy employee is a productive employee.

Why are ceiling tiles important in office remodels?

Ceiling systems play an important part in the healthiness of the building. An ideal office design would have tall ceilings, but this usually requires a massive redesign and budget increase. If this option is not possible for you, using Rockfon Sonar® ceiling tiles is a cheaper solution. But why else should ceiling tiles be a consideration when redesigning a workspace?

Better Indoor Health

Research indicates that indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than the air outdoors.  Rockfon Sonar® is the perfect solution for meeting requirements for restricting volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). These ceiling tiles are made of stone wool, which is superior to other elements for the following reasons:

  • It is mold and bacteria resistant;
  • It erases the need for fungicides or antimicrobials; and
  • It is humidity resistant.

Rockfon ceiling panels are a healthy choice for the office— they achieve the best indoor air quality, and they pass every health standard.

Superior Light Reflection and Diffusion

Light is essential for working conditions since it acts as a stimulant to keep people alert. Rockfon ceilings reflect up to 86% of available light, which improves employees' moods and productivity while also reducing energy costs. 

Easy to Clean & Maintain

If you want ceilings that are easy to clean, we recommend using Rockfon Sonar®, which you can clean with diluted solutions of ammonia, chlorine, quaternary ammonium, and hydrogen peroxide. Because of their smooth surface, Rockfon ceilings can even be cleaned with a vacuum. How’s that for easy?

Superior Sound Absorption

Over 60% of all building occupant complaints are noise related—always pay attention to your office space acoustics. Rockfon ceiling panels have a high NRC rating and high sound absorption that improves privacy through reducing noise. When trying to build a quiet office space, Rockfon is always the way to go.

Promotes Good Health

Antimicrobial, humidity resistance, light reflective properties, and superior sound absorption do the following:

  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and illness; and
  • Improve productivity, mood, and comfort.

Good health should always be a priority in the office- using Rockfon Sonar ceiling tiles will help ensure your employees’ mental and physical health.


Sustainable practices are vital in the workplace. Rockfon stone wool panels contain up to 43% recycled materials and basalt rock. Additionally, certain metal suspension systems contain up to 90% recycled content.

If you're looking to go green with your office space, go with Rockfon.

Rethinking the Office with Rockfon

Now more than ever, it is a great time to reconfigure office space to meet the needs of your employees. If you are looking to attract talent, create a dynamic workspace, reduce absenteeism, and increase productivity, always remember the ceilings.

For more information about the benefits of Rockfon Sonar, contact Freedom Acoustics today. Our team would be happy to talk to you more about using Rockfon to remodel the ceilings in your office space. Remember, ceilings are important!

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