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Acoustic Ceilings in Healthcare

It’s no secret that healthcare is changing everyday—from technological advances to medicinal improvements, the healthcare world is quickly evolving, and we need to keep up.  

In addition to new practices and treatments, healthcare has also expanded to cover hospitals, assisted living homes, chemotherapy clinics, dialysis treatment centers, and other alternative medical facilities. So how can the building materials industry get ahead of the curve of modern medicine?  

The answer might be surprising but it’s simple: acoustic ceilings.  

The 3 Step Approach

Ceilings might be the last thing you think of when designing or renovating a hospital, but they have a high correlation to wellbeing, sanitation, and recovery. Gary Madaras, PhD and Rockfon acoustic specialist, uses a three-step approach for acoustics in healthcare facilities to ensure selected target audience needs are met and acoustic goals are accomplished in design methods.  

  1. Acoustic absorption. How loud are the sounds in the hospital or facility?
  2. Sound insulation. Do the walls extend full height from floor to roof?
  3. Background sound levels. What is the source of the background noise?

Once you have determined sound absorption, insulation, and levels, think about who will be inhabiting the space and how to incorporate their needs into the acoustic choices. In the case of a hospital or medical facility, focus on the needs of patients, visitors, and figure out what goals you need to meet with your acoustics.  

Impact of Acoustics on Healthcare & Wellbeing 

Any healthcare facility’s primary end goal is health, wellbeing, hope, and recovery for patients and their loved ones—it is essential to incorporate these elements into every inch a hospital, including the ceilings.  

According to research from Rockfon, evidence points to a strong correlation between architecture and the mental and physical wellbeing of recovering patients. The evidence suggests that architecture and acoustics have the following impacts on patients: 

  • Reduced treatment time; 
  • Reduced medication consumption;
  • Reduced aggression levels; 
  • Increased feeling of calmness; and  
  • Increased sleeping patterns. 

Rockfon’s evidence-based design work revolutionizes the way healthcare facilities can use acoustic ceiling architecture to create a new standard of patient care with the following aspects. 


If you’ve ever stepped foot in a hospital, you can probably recall the noise—between patients and staff talking, medical alerts, and machines whirring, it’s safe to say that hospitals are extremely busy and noisy places. To prioritize patients and comply with WHO recommend noise levels, support patient privacy by using acoustic ceilings that decrease sound travel and increase patient comfort and recovery.  

Natural Light 

Did you know daylight positively impacts patient healing and recovery, reduces mortality rates, and reduces pain and stress for patients? When choosing acoustic ceilings for your hospital design, make sure to pick products that have high light reflection to increase daylight exposure for both staff and patients. 


Color theory is used across a variety of industries to influence the way people think and behave in certain environments—healthcare facilities usually use cool and soothing colors like whites and pale greens and blues to create a restful and cozy environment.  


A less notable but important aspect of medical facility design is hygiene and cleanliness. Carefully choose ceiling tiles that are easy to clean, withstand frequent cleanings and strong chemicals, and don’t spread microorganisms.  

Medical-Grade Tiles Near You

Whether you are building new or remodeling, healthcare facilities need to be built and renovated with evidence-based design that supports reduced treatment times and increased levels of patient satisfaction.  

At Freedom Acoustics, we carry Rockfon Medical Tiles and Panels with high NRC medical ceiling tiles and panels so that healthcare facilities can meet and exceed acoustics standards while prioritizing patients’ recovery and health. To learn more Rockfon and the acoustics products we carry, give us a call today