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The Science of Color: Using Colored Ceiling Tiles to Promote Wellbeing

When renovating your commercial space, it’s important to stress wellbeing in your design. It’s not just a myth—emotional wellbeing for employees has been proven to boost productivity and overall contentment when it comes to the workplace.

As we’ve stressed often, don’t forget the ceilings! Although furniture and paint color might seem like more glamorous and exciting, choosing the right ceiling is equally as important in your commercial redesign. If choosing the right paint color is important, then shouldn’t choosing the right ceiling tile color be a priority too?

Color Psychology

If you’ve ever listened to a graphic designer or an artist speak, you’ve likely heard the theory that each color has its own meaning and effect on the eye, therefore driving the creative process. What you probably haven’t heard of yet is color psychology (and yes, it’s a real thing—a very important thing in fact!).

Color psychology is the science and belief that colors can influence emotions, perception, and sense. They can even improve memory and attention, which is very helpful when it comes to a workplace setting. So, what does each color mean and how can you use ceiling tile color to improve employee wellbeing?

The Meaning Behind the Color

Although this topic has sparked some debate among professionals, most linguists, sociologists, and psychologists have all a green on the basic meaning and interpretation of the most frequently used colors.

Mood-Lifting Yellows

Yellow is linked to positivity, creativity, and confidence. If your office space is used for a creative profession, a stucco, sand, or mustard might be the color for you.

Positive Pinks

Soothing muted pinks like petal, seashell, coral, and scarlet are linked to femininity and charm, so if you’re designing a primarily male office, pink probably isn’t for your project.

Calming Blues

Blue is every designer’s favorite—a fresh blue, azure, storm, and space symbolizes harmony, peace, and trust. Have you ever noticed how may companies use blue in their logo? It’s not a coincidence.

Inspiring Greens

Green, of course, is representative of nature! It is also used to remind us of peace and youth, especially when it comes to the wellbeing colors of mint, sage, eucalyptus, and seaweed.

Relaxing Browns

Brown might not be at the top of your list when picking out colors, but there are many shades of brown that invoke a warm and pleasant feeling. These shades include chalk, linen, clay, iron, hemp, cork, earth, and even ebony.

Cool Grays

Much like brown, gray can symbolize a certain elegance if you use it correctly. Gray shades of wellbeing for a workplace setting can range from blueish gray like moon, gravel, anthracite, and plaster to more steady grays such as stone, mercury, concrete, and charcoal.

Introducing Rockfon Wellbeing Colors

Freedom Acoustics proudly stocks the new Colors of Wellbeing line from Rockfon, ceiling tile colors chosen specifically to promote employee wellness. Rockfon partnered with sensory expert Sara Garanty to come up with a line of 34 nature-themed colors to create a sense of wellbeing in conjunction with today’s modern interior design trends.

From pale yellows and pinks to soft browns and grays, Rockfon ceiling tiles can satisfy any commercial workplace environment with the added bonus of increasing productivity. To view the full range of wellbeing colors to design your project, browse the Wellbeing Color Collection.

Mesh Wellbeing & Design with Freedom Acoustics Ceiling Experts

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of how colored ceiling tiles can improve employee wellbeing, it’s time to put your remodel plan in action. At Freedom Acoustics, we stock and deliver all 34 wellbeing colors to help you create a productive and positive workspace.

To learn more about the Rockfon ceiling tiles we carry and how we can help with your project, contact Freedom Acoustics today. As always, don’t forget the ceilings!

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