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4 Interior Design Ceiling Colors for Commercial Spaces

4 Interior Design Ceiling Colors for Commercial Spaces

We are surrounded by color—when you look around you, everything in color has a smell, memory, or meaning. Put simply, color is one of the most important aspects of our mood, health, and even our wellbeing because of the weight and importance it carries in our culture.

When it comes to acoustic ceilings and interior design, choosing the right color is essential. When choosing your ceiling colors, make sure to consider your intended occupants, atmosphere, and intended purpose and goal for the space.

Importance of Color in Acoustic Ceilings

Colorful spaces and ceilings add to a space’s sense of health, wellbeing, and comfort—especially commercial spaces. Have you ever noticed that all hospital walls and ceilings are white? Maybe you’ve even noticed that their curtains and bedding are the same soft colors. That’s because of something we call color psychology, which is the science behind colors and how they affect the way we feel in our environment.

Although trending colors and design might change from time to time, the science of color will always remain: every color has its meaning, and a core function of interior design and product incorporation is using those colors to meet the goals of a commercial space. Your acoustic ceiling colors should be a conscious decision with precision and purpose—think of it as part of your strategy of using color in your acoustic design plans while also lowering maintenance, improving indoor air quality, and optimizing acoustics.

The Effect of Acoustic Ceiling Color

When you’re working on interior design for a commercial space, use color to your advantage. The colors you choose can affect the following:

  • Productivity and creativity,
  • Space size,
  • Mood and wellbeing, and
  • Atmosphere and environment.

Whether you notice it or not, color is often the first aspect of a space that people notice when they walk into a room— let’s walk through the science and meaning behind each color to figure out what color will work best for your commercial space.

Biophilic Colors

Biophilic design is all the rage right now for commercial spaces—connect to nature and bring the outside in with natural light, stone, plants, and timber. If you’re looking to incorporate biophilic design into your space, choose colors that compliment nature like calming blues, natural greens, and daylight yellows.

Simplistic Pastels

Another common color palette for commercial spaces uses warm beiges, soft grays, and light pastels for a serene and comforting feel and tranquil aesthetic. Mix Rockfon Plaster, Moon, Mint, Stucco, and Petal with other light materials like smoked glass, linen, and silk to accomplish this simplistic look.

Calming Corals

Rockfon’s Calm Enclosure line includes shades of coral, light pinks, nudes, and even scarlet to reflect a cozy and comforting design, mixed with a little bit of creativity. Try out this interior palette with suedes and soft velvets for a more feminine and modern space.

Bold Chromatics

If you’re designing a high-tech space or modern project, this is the palette for you. Choose from chromatic blues, clean darks, and even silver for a bold futuristic design that makes a statement with juxtaposition.

Quality Ceilings with a Purpose from Freedom Acoustics

Knowing which colors to choose for your commercial acoustic ceilings is one of the most important aspects of your project—choose your colors carefully with Rockfon’s Wellbeing line while optimizing acoustic performance and maintenance.

At freedom Acoustics, we carry the full line of Rockfon ceiling tile sizes, colors, and styles to meet any aesthetic and design need. Give us a call today or visit us in store to learn more about the acoustic products we carry and how we can help with your project needs.